Amazing Indian Goodness


As the COVERED. Team worked late into the evening on our summer issue, the chefs at Gur Taj Indian in Collaroy saved us from starvation.

We were treated to a real taste of Northern India, with an array of fragrant curries, breads and samosas that didn’t last long between us. 

We began our feast with vegetable and meat samosas, deep fried to perfection and served with a refreshing mint sauce. The balance of spice and mint worked in favour of the pastry and left us eager for more.

The Butter Chicken was an unquestionable COVERED. favourite, with tender, boneless chicken fillets cooked in the tandoor. The sauce was vibrant in colour, not too rich and the perfect balance between creamy and fragrant.

Gur Taj’s Bombay Beef followed, which melted with Indian herbs and a touch of cream to settle.  It is a full bodied, rich meat curry with just enough kick for those who like it hot. 
All curries are served with basmati rice which comes free with all mains. The naan bread filled with cheese is great served as a snack or to wipe up the remaining curry from the bottom of your bowl.

Although we were filled with amazing Indian goodness, we managed to make space for dessert. It was a first for all of us trying Gulab Jamum, and it’s definitely not going to be the last. Let’s just say, it’s India’s version of bite-sized doughnuts immersed in a warm, sweet syrup. 

Next time you’re feeling like a meal full of body and flavour, make a trip to Gur Taj Indian in Collaroy for an authentic Northern Indian feed.

Gur Taj Indian
2/1030-1034 Pittwater Rd, Collaroy
(02) 9971 2740