Beer + Food at 4 Pines

With three venues established across the Northern Beaches, 4 Pines has truly made its mark on the beer drinking population but its food is the quiet achiever.


The original 4 Pines Brew Pub is the original venue with the original brewery tucked away in a corner.

While it serves the full 4 Pines beer range, it has become the optimum facility for the brewers to let their creative juices flow with limited release - 10 keg batches - “The sources of inspiration are endless from the latest and greatest in newly developed malts, hop varieties or other raw materials, mimicking a favourite cocktail or culinary dish, to the more traditional and conservative beer styles that we all know and love,” explains brewer Tweeds. 

A choice selection of these beers are then hand-picked for larger, although still limited, release from the Brookvale brewery. The food is proper beer pub grub - hearty flavoursome and satisfying.

“We are  constantly looking at the food and seeing how we can do it better,” says Ed, Executive Chef for the 4 Pines group.

The Brew Pub is the place to go for a good beer and a great pub meal,” he adds. Meals include a Mega Burger, ribs and lighter alternatives like Red Rice, Green Bean and Feta salad, as well as a kids menu.

Also known as the Keller Door, this has a more experimental approach to both food and beer.

“It is the ideal venue for us to showcase our limited release, small batch beers produced in both Manly and Brookvale,” says Tweeds.

Only the limited release beers are sold here, not the Core Range, and there are 200ml samples of the beers available to enjoy. 

And the experimental nature of this exciting space below the brewery does not stop with the beer. It’s all about sharing food and trying different plates and tastes. The kitchen trials different dishes and responds to customer demand on what goes down well. This ever changing menu does include non-share plates as well.

“Usually, you set up food and then match up wine but at 4 Pines, we reversed it. Everyone knows us for beer and the flavours, variety and spectrum is amazing. We want to match food to beer. The two compliment each other perfectly,” adds Ed.

TRUCK BAR- Brookvale

The cool cousin to the Brew Pub and Keller Door is the more edgy Truck Bar in Brookvale.

It’s the engine house of the 4 Pines operation as it is where the beer is brewed but it’s also where you can enjoy a drink and a bite to eat. Built around an old farm truck, the space is industrial but with soul.

There are 21 taps offering the freshest beer the brewery has to offer and events are often held there on Saturday nights - there’s even been wedding receptions. And while there is an events menu for the Truck Bar, the normal fare is street food, food truck dishes that are tasty and easy to eat. The burgers are a firm favourite as well as the buttermilk chicken.

“It’s delicious food that suits the venue,” explains Ed.

Open 4pm to 10pm Monday to Friday and 12noon to 6pm Saturday, 12 to 8.30pm Sundays with later opening on Saturday night for events.

"It’s nice to cook out of a food truck and it’s amazing what you can do. People think it’s a restrictive space but it’s not and you can be very creative with bold flavours to create some stunning food,” Ed explains. And the beer choice is endless.


The northern most 4 Pines venue is all about engaging with community and making it their local. “It is a unique venue offering the plusher to barrel ageing beer in an old world fashion akin to the great Belgian beers of yester year,”says brewer Garrett.

“We rely on 3 large 2000L oak foeders to do a secondary microbial ferment and then frack to ‘character barrels’ - whisky, sherry, wine, rum  etc. and sometimes we infuse them with fruit,” he adds.

The result is a complex and refreshing beer that is a rarity in Australia.”This  allows us to release our playful creative brewing skills straight to the glass accompanied by some stellar food from our equally skilled and amazing chefs,” says Garrett. 

The menu is the same as the Brew Pub continuing the theme of flavoursome, hearty pub food made to a very high standard. Favourites are Steak and Stout Pie, using 4 Pines stout, fish and chips, as well as the vitality bowl full of goodness as a lighter option and the supreme of chicken with Asian noodles salad. 

The different beers can be paired with meals in the same way that wine is and 4 Pines defy anyone unable to find a beer they don’t like among the extensive range on offer.

A two-for-one deal for food on a Monday is designed to bring locals in to sample the menu and return on the weekend for more - and more beer. Children are welcome, and Ed says the relaxing space is designed to encourage people to come, stay and soak up the atmosphere.

“Like Manly when we first opened, beer was what got the initial attention from locals, but our food is following close behind,” adds Ed. 

4 Pines Brew Pub
The Brewery (upstairs)
Keller Door (Downstairs)
43-45 East Esplanade, 
Manly NSW 2095

4 Pines Truck Bar
4G/13 Winbourne Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100

4 Pines Public House
313 Barrenjoey Rd, Newport NSW 2106

4 Pines Beer
Ph (02) 90992720