Ignite your creative side


Modern contemporary Western lifestyle robs us of the opportunity to simply be in the moment. Even the government is recognising the importance of creativity and the arts in our fast growing technological world, by granting funding for all school aged children to pursue outside creative art activities.  

At Simply D School of Clay & Creativity, you’ll be surprised by not only what you make, but also by the therapeutic benefits of working with clay and exploring your creative side. 

Simply D School of Clay & Creativity offer a wide range of pottery classes and creative art workshops for all ages and levels of experience.

Learn from a teacher who is passionate about everything clay, glazes, and most of all, passing on her passion in teaching and allowing students to find their own creativity. In a fantastic brand-new Brookvale location, the school has been in the making for the last ten years.

So come and play with the clay and eliminate the internal dialogue.

2/8 Orchard Rd, Brookvale  |  www.simplydceramics.com  |  0424 494 311
Email: simplydceramics@gmail.com