The rental economy is thriving more than ever; think GoGet and Airbnb; enter, Pinlend. Pinlend is a Northern Beaches community-based rental platform pioneering the future of collaborative consumption.

Pinlend is making waves across the Northern Beaches, announcing the much anticipated launch of its innovative rental platform that encourages individuals to get out and rediscover their local community through sharing a combination of their local knowledge and unutilised sports and outdoor equipment.

The Pinlend beta is a user-friendly mobile and desktop application that allows members to list, share and upload images of items they would like to rent out to other community members. Listings include everything from kayaks, SUP’s, surfboards, marquees, barbeques, bicycles and camping gear. 

Members of the platform also have the added benefit of being able to earn and save extra money by utilising their infrequently used items of equipment. A recent report published earlier in 2018 by The Sharing Hub stated that seven million Australians – that’s 36 per cent of us - have used applications and services in the sharing economy space to earn and save money. 

Pinlend has successfully developed an innovative solution that will challenge and disrupt the way we perceive consumption and ownership, whilst having a positive environmental impact.

“Together, we can prove there are far greater benefits having access to something, rather than owning it.
Our environment, sitting comfortably at the top of that list”, said Lex Buckle, founder of Pinlend.

The brand is actively partnering with other local Northern Beaches businesses with the aim to extend not only their service offering but also strengthen the relationships of local like-minded people who share similar hobbies and interests. 

“Our exciting partnership with Airbnb in January of this year, has enabled us to offer the hosts of the platform a service that goes far beyond just their accommodation or paid experiences for their guests. We’re providing an additional, affordable, on-demand solution that will allow travellers from all corners of the globe to Explore.Dream.Discover the picturesque sights of our beautiful Northern Beaches,” a Pinlend spokesperson said. 

The Pinlend beta is currently being trialled in Manly and is currently offered throughout Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Plans for further expansion to take on Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and inner city are well underway and are anticipated to be rolled out for Q2 of this year. 

Mention COVERED. to receive a discount on Pinlend’s service fee for your first rental.