The Barber Shop

Flying Tiger Barbershop


Flying Tiger isn’t your average barber shop. Don’t expect to be in and out at this iconic Freshie joint: you’ll get the ‘full service’, that is, a good long chat, some prime banter, and a killer cut. 

On Insta, you’ll end up gorging on endless before and after #haircutporn snaps. Men’s grooming is becoming a lot more common, says Pat, one of the barbers. 

In some of the photos, you can tell by the men’s expressions that they’re absolutely stoked. They’ve got a grin ear to ear because they’re simply loving their new look and their newfound confidence. 

For the barbers at Flying Tiger, it’s about the conversation rather than just the haircut alone. How much better do you feel after having a good chat, having a laugh with someone? It’s an important thing for everyone to feel day to day.

With the local support they’ve had since opening two years ago, they love giving back by sponsoring local clubs like Reef Riders and Freshwater Longboard Club. 

Shop 5. 12/14 Lawrence St, Freshwater
0412 367 477


M Barber


Mornings for the team at M Barber start with a coffee together and a swim before they open their doors to the people of Manly for the day. 

M Barber prides itself on giving quality haircuts with minimum wait times, while not breaking the bank. Their professional and qualified staff have made lasting friendships with customers, and find themselves being invited to customers’ weddings and birthdays. 

Not only are they barbers, they’re confidantes. At M Barber, they believe
a local business can’t just take money from a community and not give back. They’ve so far been involved with Bear Cottage and Royal Far West, and they’re always ready to show their appreciation for how great a village Manly is. 

“There’s always a core of people that keep Manly as a village and caring community”, says Martin, the owner. 

“We feel very lucky to be a part of paradise and be able to give something back.”

Shop 2, 22A Darley Rd, Manly
0403 891 890


About the Photographer - Ethan Cutler

Ethan Cutler was first inspired by the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson and the way he’d capture ‘the decisive moment’, when the visual and psychological elements of people in real life spontaneously and briefly came together. The aesthetics of street photographer Vivian Maier were also a source of inspiration for Ethan, who’d noticed a resurgence of black and white film photography. This medium, and the traditional barbershop, both had a seemingly timeless style. In his photographs, Ethan aimed to preserve a hidden moment in time, speaking of the barbers’ everyday experiences.

Ethan used a combination of analogue and digital photography. The process of shooting on film demands thought and consideration for every frame, and he found that this allowed him to interact more with the barbers and their clients. He struck up a balance of presence without compromising natural interactions. By capturing those moments, he captures the timeless nature of conversation. •

Contact Ethan: