words by: tara wesson // photography by: criniti’s

Valid till 30th April 2019

Valid till 30th April 2019

Surfing, or watching surfing, will have you working up an appetite in no time. If you’re so hungry you could eat a surfboard, you’re in luck: COVERED. paid a visit to Criniti’s to find out more.

Whether you’re in or out of the water, create a moment with Criniti’s, where they believe the greatest source of joy is what happens around food at the table. 

Criniti’s welcomes everyone as part of their extended family to join in on their passion for delicious food and a lively, authentically Italian experience. 

When Frank Criniti was seven years old, he loved pizza and decided he wanted to own a pizza shop one day. He hoped he’d serve other Italian dishes as well, just the way Nonna and his parents used to cook and serve them in big, tasty sharing sizes. At the age of 22, Frank opened Parramatta Criniti’s. It was an instant success followed by Darling Harbour. Today Criniti’s have 12 venues, all family owned, across Australia and have made over 1.8 million woodfired Pizzas.

The ‘Nonna Caterina’ is a delish combo of Napoli sauce, mozzarella, fresh rocket, prosciutto, tomato, bruschetta, Bufala ricotta, parmesan shavings and oregano. If that’s still not cheesy enough, get it with the mozzarella crust. 

Manly is going to be bustling in March with Vissla Sydney Surf Pro. Why not accompany world class surfing with world class woodfired Pizza? Gather the little grommets, the beach bums and seasoned pro’s of the family and fill your hearts and stomachs with a woodfired Pizza the size of a surfboard. 

With the longest menu in Australia, not only do they have something for everyone, they also have a pizza with everything on it: the ‘everybloodyting’.

If the bambini aren’t able to conquer a woodfired Pizza twice as long as they are tall, Criniti’s has a kid friendly menu with meal sizes perfect for little ones. 

With one, two and three metre long woodfired Pizzas, we’d just suggest you don’t go back in the water afterward, because the food coma will be coming on strong. •

1/54 West Esplanade, Manly  |  02 8026 7700  |