Zali Steggall On...


Climate change. “It’s about emphasising the financial reality where climate change puts a huge burden on our economy. It’s a risk that must be addressed and we have to do it in the most cost efficient way, which is renewables.”

Acting locally. “How do we make Warringah a model of sustainability, to show other electorates what they can do? It won’t be wind turbines off Manly Beach, but there are many many other projects and groups within the community saying, let’s make a difference locally.”

Change in Warringah. “After 25 years, there was a strong desire for change but it was also the nature of who Tony Abbott was. What he represents was very firmly rejected.”

Tony Abbott’s campaign. “It was always about the negative. It was never about what he positively could do; it was always about what you should fear about change or fear about me.”

Similarities between the sporting and political worlds. “Oh, there’s plenty, plenty! I did see the whole campaign as very similar to approaching a sporting event where you can’t control the outcome. It’s in other people’s hands, but you can control what you put in. The other parallel with sport is a lot of mind games, but because of my experience with sport, it didn’t really faze me.”

Representing women. “We need to do more. At the end of the day, there are more women in cabinet but we need to make sure they are given a proper voice.” 

Tax. “I want to see some change on our tax. I support the lowering of our tax thresholds, and tax rates to provide tax cuts, but we need to do more to assist when it comes to cost of childcare and our parental leave provisions.”

Adani. “It’s an absolute farce. What people don’t understand is, Adani will become a competitor on the coal market. The people that currently have jobs in mining are at risk of losing those because a mine like Adani will be heavily automated. There will not be many jobs and as a result will probably run at a lower cost than the [other] mines that employ a lot more people. Therefore those people will lose jobs and they’ll turn around and blame renewables.”