words by: patrick blacker // photography by: seven miles coffee roasters

Not everyone on the Northern Beaches knows what really happens behind the big blue walls on the corner of Kenneth Road and Roseberry Street in Manly Vale. Sure, there’s a café on the corner, but there’s a lot more to Seven Miles to be discovered.

The story began back in 1968, when Ian Bersten first opened his doors to Belaroma Coffee, in Roseville. His timing was perfect as espresso coffee was just taking off in Australia. High quality, locally roasted coffee was a welcome change for consumers and an industry dominated by large companies.

The reputation of the business grew over the following decades due to the love that the team put into their labour of coffee, as well as their sheer determination to continue to redefine and encourage progression in the industry. With the opening of more cafés across the North of Sydney and a growing supply chain, Belaroma had outgrown its humble beginnings and coffee roasting was moved to Kenneth Road, Manly Vale. This is still the home of the Belaroma brand to this day. In the early 2000’s, Belaroma changed hands. As Ian moved on, Andy Simpkin stepped in to Belaroma for the next chapter of its journey. Despite the competition increasing throughout the industry, the next decade saw the business continue to thrive with supporting roasting facilities being opened across Australia. The business not only expanded in location but also in the range of coffee blends they created in order to suit the needs of the increasingly competitive café sector. 

In 2016, the brand made the transition to their current livery of Seven Miles, a name that reflects both their range of coffee brands and the location that we call home. It’s a name that dates to the 1940s when the Port Jackson and Manly Steamship Company coined the phrase “Seven Miles from Sydney, a thousand miles from care” to promote the laidback, beachside atmosphere of the Northern Beaches. The Belaroma brand still remains a prominent part of the coffee range and Seven Miles continues to embrace the Northern Beaches lifestyle, distributing to many of the Northern Beaches finest cafés with their variety of brands and their Manly Vale HQ. 

Drop past Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 11.30am and enjoy a coffee crafted by their team of baristas. It’s a perfect spot to spend some time appreciating all things coffee direct from the roaster. With a selection of their nine brands of coffee on offer, it’s a caffeine lover’s paradise. You can also join in on a Public Cupping once a month, just check the website or Facebook pages for details. Many things may have changed over the years but the ultimate focus of Seven Miles remains the same: their passionate pursuit of exceptional coffee. •

 75 Kenneth Rd, Manly Vale  |  1300 132 507