Surf Fitness with Shannan Ponton

It might be coming to the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about your health, wellness and more importantly, surf fitness. After all, you don’t want to be heading back into the water mid-October with ‘spaghetti arms,’ do you?

Celebrity trainer Shannan Ponton is here to help, with his tips on how to stay fit, healthy and active in the surf.

When it comes to strength and conditioning for sport, there is one overriding principle, specificity. Easy to implement, harder to say. Try it five times, fast.

Specificity means: recreating the actions, motions and systems of the activity to be undertaken and breaking each down to allow them to be ‘trained’- specifically.

Sounds rudimentary I know, but unfortunately so many trainers and athletes get it wrong. If you want to
get better at running… run. Swimming, as a run - training exercise will have minimal benefit. 

Surfing however is a hybrid sport requiring balance, flexibility, agility, cardiovascular fitness, explosive power and strength. An effective training program needs to combine these elements and replicate the movements as closely as possible. This is where a great trainer or S&C coach will earn their money and get the best out of their athlete or client.  

My ‘Surfer’s Workout’ will help you to stay surf fit this winter — or you can just use it to stay in shape the same way surfers do, even if surfing’s not your thing. 

The workout is designed to develop strong, lean, functional and athletic bodies for both guys and girls. 

It won’t build a bulky body.

This total-body workout will help build strength throughout your body and give you a little hint about what the top surfers in the world go through.

Super Set 1.

  • Straight Arm Band Pull Downs

  • Lunges - Jump or Alternate

  • Sprawls

Super Set 2.

  • Deep Squats

  • Bicycle Crunch

  • Hand Release Push Ups

Perform 2 rounds of 10-15 reps of each circuit resting for 60 seconds at the end of each three ‘rounds’. Then move to next block.

Perform three rounds of 15-20 reps of each circuit resting for 60 seconds at the end of each circuit only - three times through. Then move to next block.

Perform three rounds of 15-30 reps of each circuit with minimal to no rest.

Super Set 3.

  • 90 Degree Jump Squat

  • V Sit Crunches

  • Spiderman Push Ups

  • Band Row

SHANNAN PONTON is bringing results based personal training to the Northern Beaches.

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