Natural Energy for the whole family

Narelle Simpson has turned her knowledge and experience towards nutrition. Recently she was approached to put her name on a product but instead decided to invent her own. Working under the guidance of Shan Kanthar, founder of Ausphex and industrial chemist with over twenty-five years of experience in pharmaceuticals and research – the process began. 

Narelle had heard the same questions for years: “what can we give our children whilst they are competing and/or training?” and “what can our children eat before training when they won’t eat anything early in the morning?”

The journey of Natural Sports Energy was born from those simple questions. There was nothing on the market that wasn’t full of artificial colouring, or too much sugar. Researching, asking nutritionists, paediatricians and doctors… referencing medical research, ingredient after ingredient was sourced and formulated. Narelle wanted to ensure that the product was 100% natural and that every ingredient possible was sourced in Australia and certified organic. From just one product, three products were developed. 

Night Nutrition is a fantastic nutritional drink with BCAA, an extensive number of vitamins and much more. With a natural chocolate flavour, it’s mixed with any milk or water before going to bed to help revitalise the body. This product has a five star health rating. 

Warm Up is the next product, a pre-workout formulation that can be taken anytime during the day, but its focus is on those children, athletes and people that don’t eat before early morning training. Warm Up is Low GI and has a five star health rating. It’s easily digested and helps the body kick start training so as not to deplete the natural equilibrium within the body. 

The third product is Energy+, an electrolyte drink that is a natural source of energy and 100% natural. It’s Low GI and is used whilst training. Its secret ingredient is 100% Certified Organic and it has a 4.5 star health rating. 

All drinks are created in a powder form. Natural Sports Energy products are affordable nutritional drinks that everyone will love. 

Narelle emphasises that a good diet is very important and none of these products are a meal replacement. They were formulated to help the body cope with an active lifestyle, providing a natural source of energy and replenishment complementing a healthy diet. 

Natural Sports Energy is 100% owned and manufactured in Australia. All products can be purchased online at