Detox Workshop Review


There is no doubt that inner health and mental balance are becoming the preoccupation of the general public and not just a small section of health conscious, socially responsible and environmentally focused individuals.

Never was this more evident than at the recent sell-out, Detox Your Body and Soul workshop at Ruby Lane in Manly. that COVERED. Editor Gill Currie attended.

Fast becoming the go-to venue for health and wellness events, as well as delicious meals, snacks and drinks, Ruby Lane is at the forefront of this growing community here on the Northern Beaches.

A recent workshop – and there are more events planned – conducted by Nicola Johnson from pH Clinic, in Manly, and kinesiologist Amanda Roemer, focused on DETOXIFICATION and CLEANSING the body and mind. 

The event, priced at $59 ran from 6.30pm to 8.30pm and included a:

30 min deep meditation session with Amanda
60 min lecture on detoxification & cleansing with Nicola
then a dinner of the ultimate detox salad bowl and detox truffle ball
plus tasting health tonics and a Q&A session.

The guided meditation, designed to help you release negativity and focus on a goal, was a relaxing introduction to the evening. Amanda also explained a little about kinesiology and how it worked and when it could best be utilized. This was essentially the mental detox part of the night and perhaps a little harder for most people to get their head around but it was a gentle introduction to the concept, helping the audience to appreciate that more than just the physical needs attention with systems working together for optimum health.

Nicola took over to go into physical detoxing in more detail, taking time to explain the systems in the body, how they work and how they are easily overloaded. As owner of ph Clinic in Manly, and a colon hydrotherapist, she readily confessed to being keen on colonics without the hard sell for people to follow her path.

A couple of handouts helped explain the detoxing processes in more detail and tips for useful detoxing tools were also supplied with the general comment that there is no one-size-fits-all approach but there are some basic improvements - like getting a water filter – that can be implemented, if you choose to do so.

The variety of meditation, talking, Q&A and rounding up with a delicious meal and on-the-spot Insta competition, complete with prizes, ensured plenty of variety and a real opportunity to learn more about how to improve your health and reduce your toxins. It was a varied audience all keel to hear more as opposed to being experts already.

“It’s all about balance,” was a common comment so there was no extreme regime being touted and I left knowing more than I had previously done and keen to explore further. I’d readily recommend attending future events.

The next one is on February 28 SUPERCHARGE YOUR GUT WITH LEE HOLMES. Frpm 6pm - 7.30pm

For more information contact the Ruby Lane Team on 9977 7386 or