Workplace Intervention

Back problems, neck pain and shoulder injuries can cause health issues for employees and decrease productivity. Hands On Health Care Clinic in Balgowlah is hoping to tackle problems before they arise with onsite talks and advice.

Physical pain and discomfort experienced by employees can lead to them under performing or taking time off sick.

Now Hands on Health Care Clinic is hoping to help alleviate potential issues before they arise by visiting businesses on the Northern Beaches with advice, assistance and some treatment options.

Georgina Smith, owner of Hands on Health Care Clinic, and chiropractor Bader Eldejany, are available to visit small to medium sized businesses on the peninsula to give presentations and work with staff on any existing or potential postural problems  they are experiencing.

“Sitting at a desk or standing on your feet all day takes its toll. We want to ensure your employees thrive and prosper, be more productive and customer focused by ensuring they feel good,” says Georgie.

An average of 30,000 major employment injuries are reported to NSW work cover every year. Georgie says at Hands On Health they have seen how posture, injuries and physical stress can directly impact employee’s energy, concentration and mood. Employee physical health impacts mental health and can certainly influence productivity and performance.

Quite apart from the fact that no employer wants staff who are unfit and unhappy, physical pain issues can lead to decreased enthusiasm and extended sick leave periods. 

“We are offering to go into workplaces and give a 15 to 20 minute presentation and then spend at least five minutes with each member of staff to give people a one-on-one consultation.

“We can offer simple advice about how to set up work stations and exercises that need to be done to help alleviate discomfort. Sometimes it can be as little as moving a monitor higher
or getting a chair support,” adds Georgie.

In addition to chiropractic experience, Bader has occupational health and safety qualifications which make him ideally placed to deal with workplace issues.

If your workplace is on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, get Georgie and Bader out to talk to your team about the importance of posture and how to prevent injuries NOW.

Help your staff be productive and perform at their best - take advantage of our COMPLIMENTARY 20-minute in-house presentation.

Customised to suit your workplace and business needs, we provide a quick environment analysis (work station audit), personalised one-to-one physical advice and tips for ensuring injury prevention and peak performance.

This program is designed for the Northern Beaches business owner who values the physical health and productivity of each and every team member.

This presentation can be easily added into a team meeting, shift changeovers, toolbox talks or incorporated into a team training day. 

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