Natural Beauty From The Floor Up

The incredible resource of wool, a pure, biodegradable and renewable material, continues to be the choice flooring option for homeowners on the Northern Beaches.

Choosing to refloor an interior space requires intricate consideration about family lifestyle, seasonal temperature changes, room functionality, colour schemes and personal taste.

This is why many locals decide to consult experienced flooring specialists, like Adam Evans from Balgowlah Choices Flooring, for the best flooring recommendations to transform your home and improve everyday living.

Adam loves natural flooring and recommends wool carpet for the whole home, particularly in high traffic spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and stairs. He says this is because of its enduring properties and the benefits of stain, liquid and flame resistance.

“Wool’s natural qualities regulate temperatures to maintain warmth in winter while keeping it cool in summer, perfect for our Northern Beaches climate all year round,” he explains.

The most popular selection at Balgowlah Choices Flooring among locals are wool textures and loop piles. Adam says the two-toned palettes add depth to the home while masking dirt and hiding footprints.

The Balgowlah store allows clients to borrow samples to experience varying textures and tones in situ, as well as providing specific information like the pros and cons of coverings so homeowners can make an informed decision.

Carpet Fitting
Once the carpet has been chosen the next step is choosing the right type of underlay. “A bedroom suits a softer underlay, while a high traffic stairs require a much denser underlay to help the carpet wear better,” notes Adam.

When the flooring and underlay are decided, Adam and his staff at Balgowlah Choices Flooring provide an installation plan and quote. This is then approved and scheduled for a lay date with the client.

Grey Textures
When it comes to carpet colours, grey reigns supreme with many locals opting for the neutral shading in bedrooms, lounge rooms and living areas. Warmer greys with brown undertones work well with traditional coastal home design, matched with wooden and white furniture, while cooler greys with underlying blue and black tones work well with modern architecture, minimalist design and bold black décor pieces.  

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