The Northern Beaches Council is launching a multifaceted campaign to wipe out single-use plastics on the Northern Beaches, as part of an international   initiative to raise awareness and stamp out the use of disposable plastics.

The council is dramatically cutting plastic use as it lobbies for change and is also providing more support for local businesses and the community, to help change behaviours. Similarly is calling on consumers worldwide to dramatically change their use of plastics. 

The council has organised a bumper line-up of Plastic Free July events and Northern Beaches Council Administrator Dick Persson is lobbying State and Federal governments and major supermarkets to bring about sustainable change, such as banning plastic bags.

“The biggest single-use offenders are disposable plastic bags, coffee cups, straws and bottles, and what happens once these items reach our landfills and waterways is simply appalling,” says Mr Persson.

“I’ll be calling on the major supermarkets and local businesses to join us in banning the bag from the Northern Beaches,” he adds.

The council plans to implement two new policies that will change the way the organisation, employees, agents, lessees and contractors consume SUPs.

A Single Use Plastics Policy will drastically reduce the procurement of plastics and help the community to live without them. Anyone planning to hold an event on council land will need to procure sustainable alternatives to plastics too, as they will be banned under the council’s Event Management Policy.

The council’s 1,800 staff will make the switch to reusable cups for their morning coffees, with estimates showing that 46 per cent of council staff who drink coffee, use almost 50,000 coffee cups each year that cannot be recycled.

“I’m thrilled that an overwhelming 88 per cent of council staff said they supported a ban on disposable coffee cups.

“We are encouraging the community to take the Plastic Free July pledge and swap plastic items such as disposable coffee cups and shopping bags for reusable alternatives,” adds Mr Persson.

Residents can also take part in a number of events during the month, including workshops on how to make reusable shopping bags, keeping backyard chickens and worms and compost.


Bookings are essential and can be made via the Events Calendar at