Ellie Bobilain

Photographer Ellie Bobilain took the astounding shot that adorns this issue of COVERED. Magazine. Her passion for ocean/surf/lifestyle photography is well known across the Northern Beaches and abroad.

Ellie, born in Paraguay, grew up travelling at a young age, living in almost every continent of the globe in countries like Argentina, England, France, Spain, and finally settled into Australia in 2013.

Her passion for taking photographs ignited as she travelled as an adult. “I wanted to keep those memories with me, and decided to pick up photography.

“Then I realised that I could document special moments in other people’s lives so they could remember them forever,” explains Ellie.

When moving to the Northern Beaches she fell in love with the ocean, surfing culture and landscape, and takes every opportunity to photograph her new home.

“Living by the beach and having the opportunity to wake up and watch the sunrise while playing in the waves is something I would have never imagined,” she reflects.

Ellie loves photographing her travels, the ocean, surfing, lifestyle and fashion. She also has experience in weddings and photography.