Baird Replacement in Manly By-Election

Peninsula residents will be lining up at the polls to vote in the Manly by-election on Saturday.

Former NSW Premier Mike Baird announced he was quitting politics in January with the top spot passing to Gladys Berejiklian and sending voters in the seat of Manly to the polls for a new representative.

The former premier held the seat for 10 years and won in 2015 with 74.5 per cent of the vote after preferences.

The Northern Beaches is considered a Liberal Party stronghold but Manly was held by independent candidates for four terms before Baird took the seat in 2007.

Polling stations are open from 8am to 6pm on Saturday and the line-up of 12 candidates for the Manly seat include:

  • James Griffin - Liberal
  • Kathryn Ridge- Independent
  • Clara Williams-Roldan - The Greens
  • Ron Delezio – Independent
  • Haris Jackman – Independent
  • John Cook – Independent
  • Kerry Bromson - Voluntary Euthanasia
  • Annie Wright - Christian Democratic Party
  • Brian Clare – Independent
  • Victor Waterson – Independent
  • W Bush – Independent
  • Ellie Robertson - Animal Justice

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