School Ready Mornings

A Northern Beaches mum-of-two has made taking the mayhem out of school mornings into a business with stress-saving tips and guides to ensure the day gets off to a smooth start.

The ‘School's Coming’ project grew from Genevieve Matthews’ own family experience after her eldest son Henry started school.

“Starting school was an adjustment to the childcare routine. Quickly tiring and frustrated with the many mornings of rushing and raised voices, I set about designing a poster for Henry with all the things he and I needed to remember for the morning” Genevieve explains. 
When friends started following her lead, Genevieve decided to put together a format that was easy to follow.

“Henry and I decided to write a book, make the poster look more impressive and design some cards for ourselves to play and practice with. 

“As Henry's little sister Lucy was preparing for her first year at school, she too loved looking at her routine and has shaved off at least 15 minutes from her morning preparation time,” adds Genevieve.

She says her family realised early on in the school journey the enormous value and importance of having a fun, nourishing and nurturing start to every morning. “Our mornings are much calmer, more organised, we laugh, listen to the music and we handle the hiccups better,” she adds.

Hopefully the pack will ensure your mornings can also be this easy.

The prepared pack includes posters, playing cards and a book and there is a boy and girl version. While it’s aimed at kids it is designed to get the whole family working towards a hassle-free morning routine.

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