Ecofriendly Focus

Growing interest in green living and environmentally friendly practices here on the Northern Beaches is seeing a surge in support for companies like bedding and towel specialist ecodownunder.

COVERED. takes a closer look at the mission and success of this established stylish brand.

Choosing to live sustainably is increasingly becoming the new norm on the peninsula with households opting for renewable energy, organic locally grown produce, reducing waste, conserving water and many other eco-friendly decisions. 

Another way individuals and families are making a difference is through their purchasing power on clothing and homewares.

Ecodownunder, with shops in Manly, Freshwater, Avalon and Mona Vale, is one local company providing consumers with eco and organic alternatives.

The company is setting environmentally friendly standards when it comes to products and processes and has both an organic and eco-friendly range. 

Ecodownunder ensures there are no chemical coatings, such as resins and formaldehyde. It doesn’t use synthetic fabrics or chlorine bleaches and opts for pollution free oxygen whitening.

But eco-friendly shoppers keen to ensure they are making the best purchase choices have to be careful when it comes to product selection.

Beverley Tilbury, co-owner of ecodownunder, says, “If the branding doesn’t clearly tell you about the product, look at the packaging and read the label and look out for the simplest products that use the least chemical interventions.”

Organic Cotton, used by ecodownunder, is grown without the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, irradiation or genetic engineering making it healthier for the farmers, the textile workers, consumers and the environment.

The store also sells cot sheet sets in 100% eco cotton and cotton throws which are perfect to wrap your baby or use as a light blanket.

“Eco-friendly and organic bed and bath products are better for not only you and your family but also for the environment and that affects families all over the world,” says Beverley. 

Ecodownunder is a proud supporter of Sea Shepherd in their fight to protect and conserve our oceans and is willing to support local charities who share a common ethic. 

Avalon Beach- 2/74 Old Barrenjoey Rd
Freshwater- 7B Lawrence St
Manly- 12 Sydney Rd
Mona Vale- 12 Park St