Home From Home For Family Visitors

British, Swedish, Brazilian, European and Chinese singles, couples and families move to the Northern Beaches to start a new life. 

The area is a major destination for not only tourists but relatives coming to visit loved ones who have relocated down under. When homes are too small to accommodate family and friends, a rental home is a good value option.

The peninsula is awash with visitors pretty well all year round and quite apart from the cost, there are only so many hotels in the area.

For residents with visiting family and friends, the stress of all being under one roof is not always ideal and house swaps are not always possible.

Guest houses, homes to rent and now Airbnb offer a lower cost alternative and perhaps the ability to have those visiting stay close by.

Research carried out by Destination NSW reports that the most popular reason to go to Manly for people visiting Australia from overseas is not, as you might expect, to go to the beach…

Figures show the most popular reason for international visitors to stay in Manly was for visiting friends and relatives - 46% - followed by holiday or leisure purposes - 38%. They also note that international visitors to Manly were most likely to be on a return visit to Australia - 58% - again quite likely to include many family vacationers.

There is no doubt a similar story further up the peninsula with accommodation options narrowing even further. So offering all or part of your home for rent to visiting family makes great business sense with a ready made market available in all four seasons.

Growing numbers of properties are being added to rental home sites and Airbnb on the Northern Beaches. Competition is fierce but, managed properly, this is opening up a whole new strata of accommodation for visitors and income generation for home owners.