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A complete fitness program under one roof is on offer at the revamped Manly 'Andrew' Boy Charlton Aquatic Centre. COVERED. tried out the new facility.

The Manly ‘Andrew’ Boy Charlton Aquatic Centre (MABC) boasts a state-of-the-art gym complete with trainers on hand to advise and guide clients through their workout.

A full membership means unlimited access to the pool, gym, fitness classes and even an an onsite crèche catering for kids as young at eight-weeks-old.

New member Amanda Vickery joined in January with a focus to improve her health and fitness. She went through her paces and explained why this particular venue was helping her find time and motivation to keep up her fitness.

“I was looking for a gym that had a great price and that had a welcoming feel for people of all levels of fitness. Also a gym that had lots of variety with the option for work outs, swimming and classes.

“After testing it out with my five-day pass, it had everything I needed so joined up for the six-month wellness pass,” explains Amanda.

She says the access to not only the gym but loads of classes and unlimited swimming, as well as a spa area, really made the difference.

On top of all this, the Creche is also included in the membership. “I get two hours a day Monday to Friday which is perfect for me to fit in my workout with my four and two-year- olds in toe. The Creche staff are lovely and my girls have a great time. This was a real draw card for me, making this gym membership great value for money,” she adds.

Amanda loves that the gym and equipment is clean and new and says the spacious layout means you never feel like you are on top of anyone when working out.

“I also like looking out over the oval while on the treadmill. Staff have been very friendly from the moment I signed up for the five-day pass and once I joined they were able to fit in with my schedule to create my program.

“As a time poor working mum, I needed a program that gave me a good workout in a short amount of time and the trainers really listened to what I wanted and created a great option for me. Following up with me a month later.

“I feel there is good variety of equipment based on what I need and also never have to wait to use any of it. It also means I can add plenty of variety into my weekly workouts by alternating between the gym program, laps and classes both in and out of the water. I love that it is all under one roof,” she enthuses.

Amanda says the choice of indoor and outdoor swimming areas means you can swim whatever the weather and she says the whole family, including her husband and five-year-old, love to go down as a family to spend a couple of hours.

“I can head to the gym and hubby can take the girls for a swim in one of the many swimming areas. We can then swap over and get some laps in as well for each of us.

Gym Trainer Julian  - The Centre’s Limitless Appeal

We have members that come three times a day. They come and have a swim in the morning before they go to work in the city and then they come back from the city and have a little workout and then you see them come back about 8pm and jump into the jacuzzi and the spa.

We cater and run a class for everyone. Among the classes that we offer we have boxing and we have the popular body pump, we have high intensity classes and we have a cycling class. We also do very good quality yoga and pilates classes. That is on top of the aqua classes that are aerobics in the pool.

If you ask me what is our main group of people that come here I wouldn’t be able to tell you. We have kids who come that are 16-years-old right up to John who is about 92-years-old. This is really a multi purpose venue that appeals to everyone.

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