Get Obstacle Challenge Ready

With people flocking to take part in Obstacle Course challenges like the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Survival of The Fittest and Sydney True Grit, Joe’s Basecamp in Brookvale has come up with a special training program.

COVERED. had a look at this new fitness regime.

Obstacle races are highly demanding on the body and require a balance of specific skills, conditioning and strength. These are hard to find in any other sport or discipline, so Joe’s has developed an eight-week training schedule specifically for these grueling events.

And the gym has devised six top tips to have you tackle obstacle courses like a pro.

Running: Build your aerobic base first. Spend 8-12 weeks running at a purely aerobic level (180 – your age) and only 20% of the time doing more high-intensity stuff. 

Conditioning: At least 1-2 times a week, do a complete Metabolic Conditioning workout, mixing strength and conditioning movements and aiming to maintain high intensity (80-90%) for prolonged periods of time.

Grip Strength: All races include multiple obstacles that will test your grip strength, such as Rope Climbs, Farmer Carry and Monkey Bars. The important thing is to focus on that grip and squeeze whatever you are holding as hard as you can possibly do.

Use the Right Gear: The goal is to be as light and agile as possible so avoid cotton as it absorbs up to 27 times its weight in water, synthetic fabrics are great and opt for tight-fitting clothes to avoid getting caught on some obstacles.

Core Strength: a strong core will help on pretty much all obstacles, whether you are carrying, climbing or crawling, so work on your inner core.

Train Specificity: many obstacles require very specific skills so practice these before the event. Train at a gym with the right equipment for at least three months before the event. Mandatory equipment is climbing walls, vertical and horizontal ropes, farmers carry and heavy dead balls

Put us to the test and see if you can become your strongest, fittest self. There is just one ‘catch.’ Joe’s can only accept 20 new people into this new program, so it's first-come, first-served.

We’re running a unique eight-week program to make you fitter, stronger and more able to complete Obstacle Challenge race, Sydney True Grit on June 11th 2017.

The deal includes:

  • More than two months worth of Unlimited Strength and Conditioning workouts – the choice of over 20 classes each week, a unique Saturday morning ‘team workout’, access to the open gym and a full movement assessment (9 weeks valued at valued at $693)
  • A Unique Obstacle Challenge race technique coaching workshop (valued at $47)
  • 10% off your True Grit Sydney race entry for June 10th 2017 (value of $13 of ticket price)

Normally valued at $753 –
all for a one off payment of
or for teams of two or more - $500 each.

We will add in Our Unique 28 Day Natural Eating Plan, a personalised Basecamp Meal Planner and quick start guide based on your body type. Nutritional package valued at $150 if you use reference MUDMONKEY

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