Firey Turned Financier

Explaining and guiding people through the process of sourcing and acquiring an investment property is what Troy Green, founder of Adgreen Property and Finance Solutions, does best.

With an an extensive personal property portfolio he started in his 20s, he told COVERED. about the challenges and benefits of property investing.

A former firefighter based in Narrabeen, Troy made the move to fulltime financial consulting three years ago.

“Clients would ring me and thought my fire alarm was going off in the office all the time but it was the siren at the station going,” he laughs.

He said the flourishing business needed more time and he left the NSW Fire and Rescue Service after 15 years to devote himself fully to finance.

Troy has lived on the Northern Beaches for more than 25 years and is aware of the real estate market here and further afield.

With regular trips to Brisbane, Darwin, Perth as well as Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central Coast, Troy ensures he is kept up to date in terms of how markets are performing and what is the best investment for his clients.

“I look at people using the equity in their homes to buy an investment property. I show them what it costs to get into an investment property.

“A lot of people don’t realize what to do and what the process involves but they are sitting on a lot of equity. We help them find the property and get the finance preapproved and liaise with agents and lawyers.

“We make sure the process runs smoothly for our clients and take the hard work out of it all,” he explains.

Adgreen considers both residential and commercial properties as well as sourcing new areas of property investment for exiting clients and those already with properties. Utlising superannuation for investment property is another avenue they investigate. 

“People sometimes don’t understand how it works. They don’t have to sell their home and buy a cheaper one. Buying an investment property can make you money with very little outlay and can bolster your superannuation.

“I want to help everyday Australians create and keep wealth through property investment. So I have created a one-stop-shop where we can take care of the whole process start to finish,” explains Troy.

Troy Green
Level 2, 22 Darley Road, Manly
Ph: 1300 788 101
Mobile: 0412 381 960