Family First - Dad & Dave Brewing

Craft beer success team Dad and Dave really are related and are enjoying a rapid rise to the top in this niche market on the Northern Beaches.

COVERED. spoke to the ‘son’ side of the partnership.

Former chef Dave Dumay and his dad John, an academic at Macquarie University, are craft beer lovers, who started out home brewing before deciding to take a craft beer course to learn more about their then hobby.

Fast forward a few years and they are one of the most, if not the most, successful craft beer brewer on the peninsula.

“I still can’t believe it,” says Dave. “The volumes we are supplying now I could never have dreamed of producing when we started.”

They began brewing ‘seriously’ in 2011, with a first run of # 1 Pale Ale, and haven’t really looked back since.

Dave had been a chef at Garfish restaurant in Manly, who agreed to supply the brew that, as Dave describes, ‘flew off the shelves’. Six months in, the family twosome supplied Porter’s in Balgowlah with six cases.

Dad & Dave’s is now their biggest selling beer with around 2000 cartons sold last year. The core Dad & Dave’s range is the # 1 Pale Ale, # 2 Belgian IPA, # 3 Dad’s Pils and the # 4 Dave’s Gold, the last one served in a can. 

It has been a rapid rise, which now sees the duo establishing their own specialist brewery in Chard Road, Brookvale, for people to sample and buy their beer. They plan to brew a range of speciality beers to be enjoyed and sold on site.

For now, the 1 to 4 beers are sold at the brewery and, when fully up and running, there will be 10 taps that, in addition to the core four, will offer speciality brews, cider and possibly alcoholic ginger beer.

As beer drinkers opt for quality over quantity it seems Dad & Dave’s will continue to thrive with their reach extending beyond the Northern Beaches.

Dad & Dave’s Brewery
at 2/1 Chard Road, Brookvale
Open Saturdays 12:30pm-6.30pm