Make The Time

Not having the time to get fit and keep in shape is a common complaint. Celebrity trainer Shannan Ponton from Australia’s popular TV show ‘The Biggest Loser’ explains why it’s important to avoid the excuses trap.

When life gets busy and we find ourselves rushing around, it’s often our exercise and healthy eating routines that can fall behind. We don’t mean to but we start to give ourselves small excuses each day, and before we know it we have completely fallen out of our habits.

During summer, it’s easier to stay active. We’re more inclined to get outside and get moving when the sun is shining and the warmth beckons us. However, the colder weather is coming.

The year is well and truly underway and it seems we are just getting busier! That’s because there are less hours in the day. In actuality as we head to winter there are less hours of daylight to get that mountain of stuff done.

Commitment and motivation come from all corners, but remind yourself about the benefits of exercise. Increased strength, stamina, flexibility, fitness, movement, immunity and better overall health! Take a minute to step back and analyse your life.


Question - if you really don’t have enough time, could you replace something else that’s taking up your time with exercise? Such as watching TV, spending time on the computer or browsing freaking FACEBOOK, Instagram or Twitter.

Are you just finding excuses where there aren’t excuses to make? We think we need more time to get the results we’re after. In reality, you can achieve awesome results quickly if you train harder and eat well.

That said, there are going to be instances that you physically can’t make time to train. I know it all too well, with two kids aged under four.

Just don’t become a victim to time. If you can only smash out 15mins, then do it, rather than sitting around bitching about how you only had 15 mins and do nothing.

Research has shown that hard, intermittent exercise is effective and can generate noticeable results. The trick is extreme intensity. Give it 100%, flat out intervals with a small break and enjoy fast time efficient changes in your body shape, fitness and health


  • Remember a 1 hour workout is only 4% of your day and a 30 min ‘gut buster, 100%, rip into it, hard out session’ is just over 2%!
  • Workout with a mate. You’ll train at a higher intensity with a good training partner.
  • Maintain variety in your workouts i.e., mix it up between running, cycling, cardio, weights or kettle bells. Use the same high intensity interval training.  
  • Set achievable and measurable goals, say lose 500k / week for six weeks. Rather than just ‘lose some weight’ as you will never know when you achieve your goal.
  • Use a watch or timer to define your intervals. Start with, for example, 30 sec on 15 sec recovery. As you get fitter increase your workout intensity by changing to a 40sec on 20 sec recovery. Same exercises same weight.
  • A heart rate monitor with a calorie count function is the best way to measure how hard you worked. I don’t go anywhere without mine.

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