Hunting For The Perfect Location

When it comes to photographing cars, ensuring that you have a beautiful location is key.

Local photographer and content creator Jasmine Abel from Stay Driven shares her tips on getting the perfect shot.

One of my favourite places to shoot is at Palm Beach, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and you’ll often find me there at the early hours of the AM spending one-on-one time behind the camera, then behind the wheel.   

Being an automotive enthusiast myself, it really helps when doing photo shoots, as I am able to understand the car and know which features to focus on.

My number one tip for getting the perfect shot is securing a pristine location, and thankfully there are quite a few to choose from on the Northern Beaches.

What’s behind and around the car will ultimately make the image, so it is very important for you to consider the background. 

My next tip is choosing to shoot at the right time of day. For me, I love shooting at sunrise or sunset, and avoiding the harsh light during the middle of the day. Also shooting with natural lighting as it creates a more authentic look.

Lastly,  try to explore new angles to provide new perspective, and try to remember to not stand there at eye level with the focal point of the photo in the centre as that gets old and boring. Also try shooting from the ground up or if you can, get up on something to shoot down on the subject.

It doesn’t matter how many tips and tricks you know or whether you understand every function your camera has; you can read books and attend courses and you might get better at taking mediocre photographs but you will never develop your own distinct photographic style unless you get out and explore with your camera! But not only that, you have to make sure that you have fun along the way! 

Oh and make sure you enjoy a nice meal after! You’ll find me enjoying breakfast at The Boat House! 

Jasmine Abel

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