Missy & Me On Locations Pet Shoots

A love of animals is really what drove photographer Chloe Snaith into pet photography.

Growing up on a farm, riding horses and being surrounded by cattle, sheep, working and pet dogs, means being around animals is second nature to Chloe.  She studied photography as part of her degree and wasn’t quite sure how to use the skill.

“I became obsessed with photographing my own dogs and that led to friends asking me to photograph theirs. It really is when I am happiest and I really enjoy working with animals and children, so I don’t seem to follow the normal rules!”

Chloe photographs pets outdoors or at their homes, mainly dogs but she is happy to take pictures of cats, rabbits guinea pigs and anything else that comes up.

“I really encourage people to be in the photograph because it’s really about memories of them with their pet and that’s where I come in, to give them memories and to show that bond between them,” she adds.

Chloe has two dogs, and in fact her business, Missy & Me, is named after her youngest - a Kelpie Toy Poodle. She is also Mum to a geriatric blind man named Jippa. She says while owners are keen to ensure their pets look pristine for a shoot, she likes a bit of mess and personality.

“I always tell people not to get their dogs too groomed as they want to see them how they really are and so the character comes through. The more dribble, dirt and flaws the better as far as I’m concerned – it gives them character,” she laughs.

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