Shopping Bag Plan B = ECOBAG

Curbing your plastic bag use should be almost second nature by now but when you come up empty handed and leaning towards a plastic solution ECOBAGS are the way forward.


EcoBag Media is here to support you in your transition away from plastic but the change ultimately comes from you.

Every day Australians consume approximately 10 million plastic bags, the vast majority of which end up in choking our oceans and waterways or being sent to last forever in landfill.

Single-use plastic is an epic environmental problem. Other states have created legislation that encourages behavioural change but NSW is yet to make the shift. This simply means it is time we all took personal responsibility.

The fact is, plastic never dies. It simply breaks up into smaller and smaller pieces, eventually permeating our entire ecosystem. Unfortunately, this means that due to the process of bioaccumulation, the seafood on your plate is now becoming contaminated.

Many local businesses, including the former Manly Council, have proven this issue to be a top priority by supporting the Manly EcoBag project. This has seen more  than 200,000 plastic bags being replaced by sustainably produced, bio-degradable paper bags.


EcoBags Media recognises success requires a collaborative effort which is why they support other local groups who are making an incredible difference in this space.

Plastic Free Manly’s ‘Bring your Own Bag’ campaign was a huge success late last year, kicking off the Boomerang Bag project locally and garnering support from Manly Council and the Manly Chamber of Commerce.

A plastic bag free community is one of the key objectives of SO Manly - Sustainable Organisations of Manly.

Remember, along with Boomerang Bags, EcoBags are your plan B but the change is up to you!

If you’d like your business to get involved in Manly’s 11th edition ECOBAG, please contact

Phone: 0435 457 849