C O N N E C T - Autumn 2017

CONNECTING to your community, your family and friends, to your health, your finances and even to yourself, can sometimes be a bigger challenge than we think.

This edition of COVERED. looks at the theme of ‘CONNECT’ in the many facets of our day-to-day lives and how it influences the choices we make and the path we follow.

In fact, the magazine was born out of a desire to further connect local businesses with each other, with the people who live here and with the wider community.

The Northern Beaches is a community and the connections forged here contribute to the lifestyle and overall of attraction of living here.

We connect to nature with our love of the beach and water and through sports and recreation. To our community through sporting clubs and organisations, as well as through the restaurants and cafés we flock to where we spend time building stronger bonds with those around us.

Here more than most places, the six degrees of separation can be seen with bonds linking individuals, families, businesses and community more and more closely.