ecodownunder environment award

The first ecodownunder environment award for 2017 goes to the Cullen kids, for the care they have shown for the oceans and their generous support of Sea Shepherd.

After a day at Manly busking, they spent their money at the Sea Shepherd fund-raising stall at Manly Market because they wanted to help Sea Shepherd protect whales, dolphins and other sea life.

Beverley, co-owner of ecodownunder, presented the award to the siblings, Dhara, Balin and Locana outside the store at Avalon. 

The goodness didn’t end there…Bev was amazed when Dhara, aware of the hardship of months at sea, said they would like to donate the gift voucher to Sea Shepherd so crews could have cosy quilts and be sure to sleep well. 

“These children are an inspiration to us all” declared Beverley.

Stores: Manly, Freshwater, Avalon