ROUND 3 of COVERED. Cocktail Bar Battles is this Monday night 13th February 2017 starting @ 7pm. at Donny’s bar and the theme is 1920’s New York party!!

There are prizes for Best Dressed Gangstar Boy & Girl. A solid gangstar dressed crowd will make it fun. So don't miss out on getting through the doors as this hospitality party is ready to pump. 

Three team members across three challenges with the highest scoring teams of the night battling it out in the final. 

Round 2 of the COVERED. Cocktail Bar Battles held at Sugar Lounge last week saw another fantastic turnout and performance by bar tenders and their energetic support crews. The atmosphere was electric on the steamy night as the bars created and presented the best interpretation on a Pina Colada, a Tiki Cocktail and the highlight of the evening, the best flaming cocktail.

Now the challenge drinks for Round 3 are:

1) Best prohibition-era cocktail.
2) Best Floral cocktail
3) Best Twist on a Sour

The exclusive COVERED. code at the KITCHENAID checkout is code: KA40FEB to get a MASSIVE 40% off any KitchenAid Item online. This deal will only last until the 20th Feb the Grand Final day of the Cocktail Bar Battles. 

And the scores so far… The total points tally after the adjusted first round scores for round 1 & the scores for round 2:

1st Hemingway's: 549.3    
2nd Sugar Lounge: 535.8    
3rd SuGarfish: 534.4    
4th Havana Beach: 534.1    
5th Manly Pavilion: 528.3    
6th Donny’s bar: 519.6    
7th The Hold: 517.9    
8th Manly Wine: 499.1    
9th Gio: 484.8    
10th Bavarian Bier Café: 474.3