Cybersafety Teacher Protection


Much time is given to ensuring children are safe online but it is increasingly evident they are not the only ones to consider. Northern Beaches Cyber Safety Lady Leonie Smith explains why teachers and others also need assistance.

Keeping a watchful eye on the online activity of children and students is seen as a necessary part of everyday life, but teachers also have to consider the threat of being a target by their own students online.
More and more teachers are experiencing harassment and embarrassment through social media and other online platforms from their own students. Like many other adults, they may not know enough to protect their own personal online privacy or know how to set up security to protect themselves from being a target online by students.

Some incidents that teachers have been subjected to by students include:

  • Facebook or Instagram fake accounts set 
  • up in their name, that are set up to humiliate 
  • or embarrass.
  • Unwanted approaches by students through social media.
  • Being automatically tagged in embarrassing social media posts. 
  • Stolen private online photos, passed around online among students.
  • Teachers names added to websites set up to ‘review’ performance.
  • Unsolicited invitations to Facebook Groups.
  • Being sent anonymous messages or content.
  • Privacy violations, 
  • home address, 
  • weekend family social occasions exposed.
  • Bullying online. 

B.Y.O.D - Bring Your Own Device
Most schools now have BYOD programs. This means more students are responsible for their own digital device, and have greater access to the internet at home if the devices are taken out of school. 

Many parents are unaware of what their children are doing on these devices, and with more students having unsupervised access to the internet at home, the risk is higher for teachers that they will be involved in an incident online, targeted by their students or as a result of a student needing help.

“It is vital that teachers protect their private and personal accounts and take steps to minimize the risk of harm to their own reputations and families,” explains Leonie.

Parents need to be more cyber safety aware and understand exactly what children are doing online to not only protect themselves but also vulnerable adults they connect with.

Leonie also runs seminars for school staff to keep them updated on IT and online issues, making them aware of the potential hazards and offering advice on how to safeguard themselves and deal with online situations that can arise.

Leonie Smith
The Cyber Safety Lady