Finding Your Path

One of six siblings, Amba Brown, hopes her new book Finding Your Path can give school leavers an idea of what is on offer as they leave lessons behind. 

She told COVERED. about herself and her first publication.

Are you from the Northern Beaches? Where did you grow up?
I was born in Manly however we lived on the South Coast in Merimbula, until I was six-years-old. After that we moved back to the Northern Beaches and since then it’s always been home. 

You have five siblings?
I’m the eldest of six, with two brothers and three sisters. While I’ve just turned 30, my youngest sibling is going on 13. They’re really the most down to earth and caring group of kids that I feel very grateful to call my siblings. 

Where did you go to school/college?
I went to Manly West and then I attended Mackellar Girls High. I studied a Bachelor of Arts at Sydney University, majoring in psychology and sociology, then went on to do my honours in psychology, majoring at The Australian College of Applied Professionals (ACAP) in Sydney. 

When did you leave Australia?
Straight after school, in 2005 I took a gap year with a friend where we bought a round the world ticket and caught the travel bug. After that I took every opportunity I could to make a trip overseas, including a trip to North and South America with my sister and different trips throughout Asia and Europe with friends. I moved to Singapore with my partner in 2014 and we have been fortunate enough to spend the majority of this year in the US. 

When did you get the idea for the book?
I was talking to my mum while at Sydney University in my first year in 2006, so that was just over 10 years ago now. It’s been a really fascinating journey seeing an idea being transformed into a book. 

What gave you the idea?
It was inspired by my own frustrations when I was trying to work out what to do after school. I was in my first year of university and I felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of choice that I had and the limited amount of help out there to make that decision. 

Would you have found it helpful?
I believe I would. I really wrote it for me at that time. It’s been created for anyone wanting a little positive encouragement to go out there and achieve their dreams with some factual information to help them along the way. 

You are bringing out a second book what is that?
This second book is targeted at primary school students making the transition to high school. It’s at the point of now being designed and is scheduled for release in March 2017. 

Why in the US?
This year I’ve been lucky enough to work full time as a writer. My partner was offered a secondment opportunity in the US and as I can write from anywhere, we decided to take it up. I also got a scholarship to a non-fiction writer’s course in Pennsylvania.

What are your next plans?
When I stop and think or dream about what would be ideal, I’d say to continue creating more books for the ‘Finding Your Path’ series.

Finding Your Path is available online at
It’s also available from Amazon, Kindle, iTunes and Barnes & Noble.

On the Northern Beaches it can be found at Willow Gifts, Collaroy Plateu; Orda Kora, and Berkelouw Books in Balgowlah; Silverblue, Freshwater; Humphries in Manly and Berkelouw Books in Mona Vale.