New Face In The Forest

With a substantial market share across the Northern Beaches Cunninghams is branching into new pastures.

COVERED. spoke to the latest team member Todd Moore about his new role and plans.

What made you choose real estate?
I wanted more control over working hours and earning capacity. And  I have a genuine interest in helping people navigate the sometimes daunting and stressful process of selling their home or investment. Plus I’m not one to be strapped to a desk.

What previous experience have you had that you can bring to this new role?
I’ve bought and sold numerous places of my own on the Northern Beaches and Northern NSW over the last 25 years, so I’m well aware of the needs, frustrations and pitfalls on both sides of the fence. 

What previous life skills and professional skills do you bring to the job?
I’m an accountant by trade but it’s not a dinner table conversation. I came through the commercial ranks and held down a couple of Financial Controller roles, moving into General Management at 28, where I held down an APAC role for 12 years. I’ve had several GM roles since then.  I’ve always leant more towards sales than pure numbers. I’ve been involved in team sports all my life and still am.  I’m a firm believer in team sports with the development of social skills in young people. I’ve played Rugby (Forest), Cricket (Forest, Manly Leagues Club) and I’ve been part of the Surf Life Saving movement for close to 30 years. I’m still a member of North Steyne and row surf boats.  All these sports and club memberships have significantly contributed to my character, a gregarious, easy to get along with person.

What area will you be covering?
I can represent family, friends and referrals anywhere. In terms of prospecting and actively generating business for Todd Moore, you’ll see me in Belrose, Frenchs Forest, Davidson and surrounding areas.  The fact that I’ve spent half my life in the Belrose area and the other in Manly, I’m well informed on the Peninsula in its entirety so can I can service and represent a range of people and their needs.

How would you describe the area?
Bush and Beach. A sensation place to bring up a family without paying beachside prices with relatively easy access to a selection of beaches plus the beauty of the bush.  I grew up in Belrose and had a ball as a young fella crawling through creeks and bush trails. Great access to Chatswood, The City, Mona Vale Road, and a range of schools and other amenities. 

What will be the challenges of the role?
Cunninghams to an extent is an unknown quantity in the Forest area.  We have 42% market share on the beaches which has been developed over 25 years.  We’ve sold a few homes in the Forest area, purely off the back of residents’ previous experiences, they may have upgraded from an apartment on the beaches into the Forest.  The challenge for me is to have the name Todd Moore of Cunninghams front of mind when people are considering a move.

Who is your main market?
Empty Nesters in large homes.

What is the most enjoyable part of the job?
Building the Todd Moore / Cunninghams brand in the Forest.  I’m up for a challenge.

And the least?
The frustration and anxiety I see and hear from elderly residents due to the lack of local alternate accommodation options.  It’s a huge problem, and pretty sad

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