Local Peninsula Paint Company

Northern Beaches based for almost 60 years, Colormaker Industries is now the only paint manufacturer in the area. 

COVERED.  found out why this firm has stood the test of time.

Colormaker Industries manufactures a range of products on site including house paints, premium pool and aquatic coatings, building and trade coatings and screen printing inks.

Owner David Stuart, who was born in Manly Hospital and lives in the area, took over Colormaker in 2003 having worked for the company previously as Sales Manager.

With a background in industrial chemistry, he is all about producing high quality paints and coatings that rival and often surpass the biggest brands and making them available at sensible prices.

“I had worked in paint laboratories for 10 years before going out to sell the chemicals. I am a big believer in Australian technology and wanted to help develop it and export it,” he explains.

Since 2003, Colormaker has gone from number three to number one in the Australian swimming pool paint market.

In fact, LUXAPOOL Pool Coatings can be seen up and down the Northern Beaches as they have been used for various council ocean pools including:

-          Dee Why Rock Pools – Adriatic Colour with Black lines
-          Freshwater Ocean Pool – Adriatic Colour with Black lines
-          Queenscliff Ocean Pool - Adriatic
-          South Curl Curl Ocean Pools - Adriatic
-          Collaroy Ocean Pool.

The Sydney Olympic warm-up pool received the LUXAPOOL treatment as did the Bondi Icebergs and the reflection ponds at the new Parliament House in Canberra.

With four chemists working onsite, David says the company ensures the paints and coatings are made to exacting standards in every area.

LUXAPOOL pool paints are available in a range of 25 beautiful designer colours.

One product, LUXAPOLL EPOXY, is suitable for both new and older pools and can be used over cement render, fiberglass, marblesheen, pebblecrete and sound existing epoxy finishes. The second, LUXAPOOL CHLORINATED RUBBER, is suitable for old or new concrete pools and is the produst used in the council's ocean pools.

“We have a very good product and we are able to provide a local service and give advice. We produce enough product for 3,000 pools a year,” adds David.

Colormaker products are exported across the world to countries including New Zealand, USA, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Europe, Alaska and the South Pacific.

44 Orchard Rd, Brookvale 2100 | Phone: (02) 9939 7977
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