Gladys Berejiklian - photo courtesy of / USA Flag

Gladys Berejiklian - photo courtesy of / USA Flag

In the same week that Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, Gladys Berejiklian becomes the 45th Premier of NSW after the shock retirement from politics of Mike Baird.

Mike Baird leaves at a time when his personal approval had fallen dramatically over the past six months. Only time will tell how history will regard Mike Baird, but if nothing else he will be remembered for initiating massive infrastructure projects around NSW.

A byelection will be held soon in his seat of Manly, and it will be fascinating to see how the coalition performs there. Manly has a strong history of being held by an independent and it may be a close run battle again. Maybe Tony Abbott could run, as his chances of being elevated to the front bench under Turnbull seem slim at best.

Further afield, people all over the world are still getting used to the fact that Donald Trump is the new US President, and he seems to have hit the ground running.

One of his first actions has been to tear up the Trans Pacific Partnership deal between the US and 11 other Asian countries (excluding China). PM Malcolm Turnbull is convinced that the agreement can be saved, but I’m not so sure.

Trump seems to be a protectionist, and that doesn’t auger well for Australian companies that export to the US, especially if they impose tariffs on Australian goods.

Either way, these are interesting times.