New Faces At Hands On Health Care Clinic

New chiropractors Pru Bolton and Bader Eldejany

New chiropractors Pru Bolton and Bader Eldejany

Hands On Health Care Clinic in Balgowlah has welcomed two new members to the team bringing with them a wealth of experience and some very particular expertise.

COVERED. met the new chiropractors Pru Bolton and Bader Eldejany, to find out a little more about them.

How old are you? 
Pru: I’m 34-years-old.
Bader: I’m 25-years-old 

Are you from the area? 
Pru: Not from Northern Beaches, but I live close by in North Sydney.
Bader: I’m actually from Concord West. Although it is about an hour’s drive, I have to say I’m loving the fact I get to work so close to the beach. 

How did you get into this work and where did you train? 
Pru: I got into Chiropractic as I had a keen interest in wanting to help people feel the best they could, in the most natural way possible. I studied both my Bachelor and M.Chiro at Macquarie University.
Bader: I have a huge passion for sports along with general health and wellbeing. The emphasis with Chiropractic is on spinal health and it literally promotes a lifestyle of whole body health. I gained my degree from Macquarie University in Sydney. 

Where were you before this? 
Pru: I was home, looking after my two gorgeous little children. 
Bader: I worked as a Chiropractic assistant at a clinic in Leichardt while I was still studying.

How long have you worked at this practice? 
Pru: I have recently joined the clinic to take care of Georgina Smith’s (owner) patients while she is on maternity leave. I have been practicing as a chiropractor for 10 years.
Bader: I’m quite new to the practice, I started in September.

Do you cover all general cases? 
Pru: Yes, I love seeing a variety of people coming through the door.
Bader: I feel that I have the knowledge and ability to assist with most musculoskeletal related injuries. Within the short time I have been here, I have dealt with issues relating to the feet all the way up to the neck. 

Do you have any specialised areas or preferences? 
Pru: I have a special interest in pregnancy, having done extra training in Hypnobirthing, to help expectant couples to prepare for birth.
Bader: I mostly enjoy dealing with sports related injuries as I have also had my own fair share. However, I also have an interest dealing with pain patients, office/corporate workers, tradesmen/builders and children.

What issues do you most commonly come up against? 
Pru: It can be hard for some people to find the time in their busy schedules to come in for care when they need it, rather leaving it for much longer than they should.
Bader: I’d have to say neck and lower back related injuries are most common as a lot of people nowadays work seated at a desk in front of a computer/laptop for hours at a time. 
Mid and Lower back injuries are also common. 

What age groups do you deal with? 
Pru: We look after all ages of life from the very young to the very old!
Bader: I get to deal with a broad range of people from children to the elderly, both men and women. Chiropractic health care is so flexible and can offer a number of treatment methods for a range of people depending on their specific needs.

What's your favourite type of case? 
Pru: I love working with people who want to actively participate in getting their health back to optimal.
Bader: As a Chiropractor I always get to treat something new so I approach each case with the same keen interest as the one before. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 
Pru: I love playing with my two kids, reading and running.
Bader: I love being out and about so socialising with friends is a big one. Playing sports especially soccer and weightlifting. I also enjoy reading about almost anything.

If you had one piece of advice (in terms of posture or body management) what would it be?
Pru: I would say that you don't need to put up with pain! If you are feeling sore, please make sure you do something and look after yourself. Self care is very important.
Bader: Be proactive about your spinal health, not reactive! This involves exercising regularly, being conscious of your daily posture and truly understanding the importance of Chiropractic in maintaining your general well being.

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