Cheating Partners

Human Behavioural consultant Emmanuel Anthony considers what makes some people stray from their relationship and offers the tools for a more fulfilling relationship.

"Extramarital Infidelities are common. Estimates indicate that around 60% of men and 45% of women are willing to report that an affair has occurred sometime in their marriage and it suggests that 70% of all marriages experience an affair, ” explains Emmanual.
A relationship can be defined as a bond between two people. Both partners need to be clear and mutually agree on the type of bond they desire for their relationship. 

The label ‘cheating’ is used for partners who have both agreed to commit solely to each other, yet one or both sides stray towards being with another partner in one form or another - emotionally, mentally, flirting, physically or sexually. 
So how can we increase our relationship bond to prevent cheating?
Tip#1. Communicate in each other’s values
Our connection and disconnect to our partners is dependent on our perceptions of our values and theirs. Whenever someone aligns with our highest values we pull them closer and call them friends. Whenever someone rejects and puts down our highest values, we feel repulsed and call them enemies. 

The way we perceive our partners different values, will impact on our relationship bond. If you learn to communicate in a way that complements both your values and your partners, you will increase your bond.  If you’re unable to fulfill and appreciate each other’s values, then the relationship will decay and partners may feel drawn to others who resemble the lifestyle and value systems they pursue to acquire. 
Tip#2 Have a fulfilling sex life
Underrated by many couples, sex is amongst the most intimate acts we can perform with another human being. When a couple does not feel sexually satisfied, the human mind looks for fulfillment in other ways to express this animal instinct. 

The form of which they express their repressed sexual desires may come as porn, flirting, online dating, liking pictures on Facebook, fantasizing or more. In some form they are all minor forms of straying, even if only mentally, as they involve replacing one’s partner with a different stimulant to gain sexual satisfaction. 

It is wise to have open discussions about sex, and values linking sex to growing the relationship. Working on all areas of the relationship and empowering your values along with your partners, also increases the sexual drive and desire for each other.
Tip#3 Dissolve past baggage
One of the greatest relationship distractions can be unresolved baggage from past partners or events. It’s like dating someone and being punished for the mistakes all their ex-partners made, as they haven’t resolved the emotional baggage consciously and unconsciously. 

This unresolved baggage creates an unnecessary toll on the relationship and can easily push partners away looking for a clean break in another’s arms. The key is to dissolve baggage and clear up your mind, heart and space in the relationship for you to focus and be present now. The greatest tool to do so with absolute precision is The Demartini Method®, the only tool that 100% balances past baggage forever.
Regardless of what stage of the relationship cycle you’re in, if you desire to gain more of an understanding on how to clean up and dissolve negative emotions, associations and imbalanced perceptions in the field of relationships, simply contact Emmanuel H Anthony today.

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