Cocktail Creations at Havana Beach

What is your own original speciality Signature Cocktail?
We create signature cocktails all the time - often on the spot and they then end up on the menu. A few examples are the Havana Sling, Co-Colleigh, Havana Iced Tea, the Yuzo Mojito, the Havana Martini, sour green apple tequila shots and many more. 

What is the recipe/ingredients?
You’re asking us to share our well-kept secrets? Ha, just try them for yourself. But if you’re really interested to find out our cocktail secrets, sign up for one of our Havana Beach Cocktail Master Classes. Also very popular for birthdays, team building hens/bucks nights or just to upskill yourself. And who knows, maybe you come up with the next world-famous classic. 

What cocktails are popular here?
Welcome to Cuba! The home of the Mojito! Very popular in its classic form and all of its variations - Strawberry, Lychee, Passionfruit, Royal, you name it - we have it. The Mojito is designed to be a beautifully refreshing drink. Did you know, that a Mojito should never be overly muddled or even shaken? Abusing the leafs or crushing the limes will release a lot of bitterness. You don’t want that.

What makes you a good cocktail bar?
Historians date the creation of the Mojito back to the 16th century - it is the world’s first cocktail. 

What makes a good cocktail bar?
Authentic drinks. Classics, like our Cuban-Style Mojito, combined with a chilled vibe, uniterrupted ocean views and the coziest ambience at night makes us Manly’s most popular cocktail bar.

Is the atmosphere as important as the drinks?
Absolutely! If it wasn’t for our chilled Cuban vibe we wouldn’t be known as the top first date spot on the Northern Beaches, as recently featured in The Daily Telegraph.

Do you have a long list of cocktails available?
Our exciting new cocktail menu just launched! We challenge you to try all of them. And let’s say this much: we know size matters.

What style of cocktails go down well - creamy, sour…?
As with any great cocktail bar, it’s not just the classics that we’re good at - adding an interesting and sometimes unexpected twist to all-time favourites makes our heart beat faster; like our Popcorn Espresso Martini. They go down really well!

Are cocktails increasingly popular over other drinks?
At Havana Beach, our customers love their organic coffees in the morning and cocktails for the rest of the day. How could life be better than sitting across from the ocean, overlooking Manly Beach and enjoying a few cocktails? We certainly have a nice selection of beers and wines - like Pacifico and Lord Nelson beers, Tempus Two wines, the famous Mr Riggs Shiraz or our Keith Tulloch Rose. They are so good, they are almost addictive - but the locals come back to enjoy their favourite cocktails. Ocean views included.

Who are your cocktail drinkers- male/female. old/young? Age group?
We find, that ladies are often a bit more adventurous and open to new cocktail experiences, compared to the gentlemen. However, we are confident that the gents will get into their cocktails as well once they experienced our new menu.

Do you have a seasonal cocktail menu? When do you introduce new ones?
We have cocktail specials coming up all the time. Rather than a seasonal menu we like to keep it fresh and exciting - that means that our special cocktails could change on a weekly basis. We also often create cocktails specifically for you. Tell us what you like and enjoy - your favourite spirit, nice and fruity - and we create the cocktail around it. We already hear you say: “Whatever you just did - I’ll have another one, please!”

Havana Beach
3/14 South Steyne, Manly 2095
Ph: (02) 9977 0060
Open: 7 days: 7am to Late