Beautiful Brookvale is in Bloom

Spring has definitely sprung at Greenwood Brookvale, with their beautiful outdoor area in full flourish.

COVERED. popped in to see the spectacle.

The specialised early education centre, located in the heart of Brookvale, has ingeniously used its outdoor space, turning it into a whole new world to explore for their children. 

With vertical gardens, plenty of plants, sandpits, Australian designed cubby houses, a rainbow bike track to scoot around on, and, a favourite of many staff members in the centre - the jumping pillow.

The team at Greenwood Brookvale take pride in their ability to provide such an urban oasis for their children.

Kids Love the Outdoors

“Being outside is so important for a happy life, with its obvious physical and mental health benefits, as well as the fact that there is nothing more refreshing than stretching your legs and getting some fresh air.

“With Greenwood Brookvale’s flowing floor plan, the transition between inside and out is a breeze. Being outside also provides children with the ability to explore and learn about their surroundings and enjoy what the world has to offer,” explains Maddi Tait, centre leader of Greenwood Brookvale. 

A key part of Greenwood’s philosophy is nestled into their specialised G-Curriculum - G Earth. The pillars symbolize the six vital skills for a child to learn in their continued education. They are G Me: Emotional awareness and resilience; G Active: Physical development; G Knowledge: Early literacy; G Whiz: Early numeracy and technology; G Talent: Art, music and movement and G Earth: Exploration of the natural world.

In this pillar, they learn about the importance of preserving our natural environment through hands-on activities, like planting vegetable gardens and then incorporating the fresh produce into their lunches.

Getting Down and Dirty

“This is a wonderful hands-on activity that the Greenwood children really love, it teaches our future generations how to care for the land, and how to grow organic food in urban spaces. 

“The children not only see first hand how gardens flourish and grow, but also how composting works and about worm farms to see the practical benefits of the ecosystem, ” explains Maddi.

The lucky children also get visits from Greenwood’s resident Urban Environmental Educator, Adrian Baiada. For over 14 years, Adrian has been committed to sharing his skills, ideas and passion for gardening with children, councils and communities, transforming small plots of land into thriving edible gardens.

Greenwood emphasizes the importance of shaping the next generation, helping create worldly, educated and kind personalities. Staff also stress to their children the importance of giving back to and being a part of their own communities. As a part of the uniquely crafted G-Learning Curriculum, the children have French, yoga, cooking, gardening and sport classes regularly, housed in the beautiful specially made centres.

To arrange a tour of this beautiful new centre, please call Greenwood Brookvale on 9939 5756, or send an email to

Greenwood Brookvale
15 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale 2100
Ph: 02 9939 5756