Surfing Solicitor

Richard finishing the Cole Classic 5km event, where he came in the top 20.

Richard finishing the Cole Classic 5km event, where he came in the top 20.

Manly solicitor Richard Thomas has been running his successful practice on the Northern Beaches for more than 15 years - and when he’s not at the office you will find him in the water.

COVERED. found out why he likes his work and the active lifestyle of the beaches.

Solicitor Richard Thomas has lived on or close to the beach for most of his life, apart from a stint in Holland.

He specialises in conveyancing but also covers family law, wills, power of attorney and court. When it comes to property, he acknowledges that it is a fierce market on the peninsula.

Along with work his passion is ocean swimming and surfing. He trains daily at the Manly Andrew “Boy” Charlton Aquatic Centre and has been doing so for years.

Richard, a father-of-four, competes in ocean swims, not just on the peninsula, but as far away as Burleigh Heads.

“Competing gives me something to focus on rather than just training every day and doing laps. I love ocean swimming.

“I think you have to have a bit of a goal and that’s why I compete. I’ve been doing the ocean swims for about 10 years,” he explains.

The season kicks off at Burleigh Heads in October and Richard will also take part in the various swims in the Eastern suburbs and on the peninsula, including the Cole Classic early next year.

In addition to swimming he loves to surf, having started at the tender age of four, and can often be found at North Curl Curl and around the various Manly breaks as well as at Dee Why point and Long Reef. 

His nine-year-old son is a keen surfer and the Under 9s champion for the 2015/16 season for North Curl Curl Surf Life Saving Club. Richard helps out regularly at the club and is also a volunteer lifesaver there.

“When I’m in the water I can sometimes work through things in my head and sort out issues I’ve been thinking about so its good for me mentally as well as physically.

“But also I just like it as a way to keep fit and active and stay healthy. Although there are times I really don’t like it too,” he adds.

And out of the water he is busy with his practice. When it comes to conveyancing the company’s motto is, ‘We Deliver, That’s Our Promise’.

“We offer a free contract review as I understand the market is very competitive and people miss out on properties all the time."

Richard understands that property will probably be the biggest and most important investment people will make and they want to make sure the legal work is carried out efficiently and competently.

RJ Thomas is constantly up to date on government subsidies, first home owner grants and stamp duties exemptions or concessions that are available. 

RJ Thomas Conveyancing offer:
• Flat fee conveyancing for both purchase or sale
• Pricing that includes disbursements
• Easy and stress free conveyancing
• One expert solicitor dealing with your case for your entire matter
• All fees are paid at settlement
• No upfront fees
• After hours contact available - 0416 814 166

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