Life's Cherished Moments Kept Forever

Cherish The Thought, based in Freshwater and founded by Vikki Kemmler in 2005 has been preserving memories for more than 10 years. 

Vikki understands how important it is not to lose your precious memories. 

All the best days of your life are usually not-so-neatly filed on USBs, mini DV tapes, hard drives of cameras and computers, and unwatched VHS tapes. Don't lose those special memories to tape deterioration or failed hard-drives, instead make sure you can revisit them whenever you please. 
Have your memories from tapes transferred to DVD, USB or digital files that can be sent to you via Dropbox, and have snippets from your phone, edited to make a movie. Whatever you do don’t delete those memories because your phone storage is full.

Cherish The Thought not only transfers your tapes to DVD or to a digital file, but can take a series of your photos and/or film from reels, tapes, albums, or even a shoebox, and transform them into a beautifully presented motion picture with music of your choice on DVD that you can enjoy as a keepsake, give as a special gift or share with family and friends.

The digital media, editing and production company specialises in weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, lifetime and funeral tributes, digital memoirs, digital invitations, digital Christmas cards…. and all the best days of your life!

A new addition, is a specifically designed package to assist in memory loss. The ‘Retrospect’ package is a personalised video made up of photos and songs to assist and aid the process of evoking memories in patients with Alzheimers and dementia.

Having a 'Retrospect' short seven-minute movie made using 'key' images of favourite life events, combined with memorable music can be shown to a patient on a regular basis, reminding them of who they are, who is important to them, and who they know they can trust. 

Having the movie on a laptop/tablet/IPad and being able to watch it together at the beginning of a visit may very well assist them recognising people and enabling a conversation. This has not yet been medically tested, however research has already proven that listening to music alone can increase the chance of recalling memories. 

Additionally, all your old 8mm reels & tapes (VHS, mini DV & audio tapes) can be transferred to DVD/CD/Blu-ray DVD or digital MP4 files to keep you up to date with current technology and ensure your precious memories are not lost forever.

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