Sips & Sounds At The Diggers' Rooftop Bar, Gio

Immerse yourself in the delights and flavours of Southern Italy as you sip cocktails and share plates of authentic Italian antipasti at Freshwater's newest rooftop bar and restaurant - Gio at Harbord Diggers.

A slick bar with a cocktail list to match

With an impressive cocktail menu and lively entertainment calendar, there’s no better place than Gio to clink glasses this spring.

Long gone are the days where a standard Cosmopolitan will cut it. We have started thirsting for more than just an overly-sweet, amateur concoction designed for those seeking out a tipple-induced buzz.

As Sydney’s love for cocktails has matured, so too has our ability to sniff out an exciting cocktail menu which stands out from the crowd.

Gio offers just that, giving the Northern Beaches a trendy new rooftop bar where an Aperol Spritz seems the only thing appropriate.

From the signature Gio & Gio cocktail (a delightful combination of refreshing tropical flavours) to the Martini al Caffe (Gio’s take on the perfect espresso martini), Gio’s spring and summer cocktail menu perfectly complements long afternoons soaking up the sun and warm nights tearing up the dance floor.

Gio Restaurant
80 Evans St, Freshwater
Ph. 02 9938 7688
OPENING HOURS - Wednesday to Sunday 11.30am – late