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Greenwood early education centre in Frenchs forest only opened its doors a few months ago but already delighted children and parents are enjoying the place where staff go that extra mile.

Yoga for kids, nutritious healthy meals prepared daily by an onsite chef and a vegetable garden that not only gets the children gardening but helps supplement ingredients for the kitchen, are just some of the ways children are cared for at Greenwood.

Open to babies from six weeks- old to pre-schoolers aged up to six-years, Greenwood EEC in Frenchs Forest, has 142 children enrolled. Aside from an exciting outdoor area equipped with slippery dips and jumping pillows, there are gardening areas for all the children to experience nature and be a little green-fingered.

A yoga teacher comes in to the centre every Thursday to do classes with children aged two to six years. Laura Grainger, Centre Leader at Greenwood said, “The children love this, they become more aware of their breathing, develop their self-awareness and learn techniques to help regulate their emotions.

“They participate in yoga daily, practicing even on days that the teacher doesn’t come in. The staff are given the techniques by the teacher and implement this into their routine of the rooms.

“Yoga has a huge impact on the children, it allows them to have some rest time and teaches them breathing techniques that in turn help them when they are expressing their emotions.”

Lessons in Nature

The centre has a Paediatric Dietitian and Nutritionist on staff, who has tailor-made the menus to offer the children a varied diet. Fresh bread is delivered to the centre for the Greenwood children to enjoy, by the Bread and Butter company. They use only the best quality organic fl ours and all natural ingredients.

The chef is on hand each day preparing meals for the four-week rotating menu and the centre caters its menus to each individual child, taking the time to talk to parents to create custom menus if a child is reluctant to eat or has a dietary requirement

“It’s important to encourage and teach the children how to care for our bodies.” adds Laura.

The youngsters at Greenwood get back to nature by tending their own vegetable patch, in the outdoor area, where they care for all of the plants. The current crop includes lemons, carrots, kiwi fruit, and cucumbers.

“I believe the learning and exploration that spurs from a connection with the physical environment is invaluable at any age,” explains Laura.

The children help the centre’s gardener Adrian with the watering and planting and the educators spend time with the children watering and caring for the plants when Adrian is not there.

“We at Greenwood feel it is important for the children to understand where our food comes from and how to care for nature,” adds Laura. And the children have already enjoyed the fruit of their labours by tucking into the vegetables for their afternoon tea.

Caring Community Values

In addition to the wonderful outdoor space and inspiring indoor areas full of activities and equipment designed to prompt learning and curiosity, Greenwood aims to create a homely and loved atmosphere where children feel secure and can thrive.

“We are committed to giving children the most balanced start in their lives. With an emphasis and kind personalities, we stress to our children back to and being a part of their own communities,” states the

Within the G-Learning Curriculum that all the Greenwood centres adhere G-Pillars. The staff
believe these pillars are fundamental to a child’s learning in their centre, with each one signifying one of the six vital skills for a child to learn in their continued education.

The pillars are:

  • G Me: Emotional awareness and resilience;
  • G Active: Physical development;
  • G Knowledge: Early literacy;
  • G Whiz: Early numeracy and technology;
  • G Talent: Art, music and movement;
  • G Earth: Exploration of the natural world.

And Greenwood in Frenchs Forest, is doing
its utmost to ensure all these pillars are in
place to ensure each child there develops
to their full potential

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