A Wincrest Knock Down Rebuild - Because why would you live anywhere else?

The Northern Beaches has long been considered one of Sydney’s most liveable areas. With its scenic headlands, breathtaking views and coastal playgrounds, the Northern Beaches provides a lifestyle few places can match. So it is no wonder families never want to leave.

Well, the good news is they don’t have to!

Wincrest has been building dream homes on the Northern Beaches for over 30 years. And, with land on the beaches such a scarcity, it’s little wonder more and more families are choosing to build a new home at their current address.

We chatted with Gerard Caruana, Managing Director of Wincrest Homes, to ask his opinion on why Northern Beaches families are turning to knock down rebuild as an alternative to renovating.

“It often costs more to change things in your current home you don’t like than it does to knock down the house and rebuild a new one,” said Gerard. “Plus, moving out of the area, away from family, friends and community is simply not an option for some people. That is why knock down rebuild is such a popular choice on the beaches.”

According to Gerard, there are many benefits to choosing a knock down rebuild over a renovation. Some of these are outlined below:

High Cost of Renovating

The price to renovate an existing house often far exceeds the cost to build a new one. Issues such as rewiring old electricals, making changes to adhere to current safety laws and fixing older plumbing can lead to budget and timeframe blow-outs. Wincrest offers fixed price
contracts and guaranteed build times* on all their new homes so this is never an issue when you choose to knock down rebuild with them.

You Get a Brand New House

While a renovation often means working with existing structures and sometimes unworkable floorplans, a new home provides a virtual blank canvas which you can use to create the perfect home for your family. Plus, Wincrest allows you to tailor the home to ensure it is the perfect fit. Not only can you choose all the finishes and fittings
– including appliances, facades, colours and flooring
– with Wincrest, you can also customise the entire layout and orientation so your new home best reflects your land and lifestyle.

Also, newly built homes have less maintenance issues than established houses, and end up costing less in the long run.

Build Time Guarantees

One of the major downsides to building a new home is the time it takes to build it. Renovators face similar issues. While you can’t do much to avoid this, Wincrest lessens the stress by offering a Guaranteed Build Time*. A guaranteed build time makes it easier than ever to plan for things like budget, rent and moving dates - a guarantee few new home builders give.

A Home for Every Block – Including Sloping

Building on a sloping block comes with its own set of challenges. Issues such as gradient, drainage, light and position means it is not always possible to build a standard house on a sloping block – let alone renovate one.

Most builders won’t even build on a site with more than 2 metre fall. Wincrest, however, offers a choice of homes specifically designed for sloping blocks and can built on sites with up to a 7 metre fall.

So, if you love where you live but need a new home, it is time to call Wincrest. As experts in knock down rebuild, its local designers will work closely with you to design a home that not only works with your land, but complements the stunning landscape and relaxed lifestyle that is synonymous with Northern Beaches living.

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