Women's Workout - Buf Girls

A fitness program catering specifically for women and their individual goals that offers not just exercise, but a fun, social experience with support and motivation.

Cathy Morton, owner of BUF Manly, is passionate about women and fitness. “It’s not about an end result, it’s a life-long journey. We love to deliver a good, hard workout but we want it to be fun too.”

After sampling the BUF Girls’ approach herself in the Eastern Suburbs, Cathy moved over to the Northern Beaches deciding to open her own branch of this all-women training experience.

“Women have different fitness goals to men. We want length and leanness to our limbs, fl at tummies and teeny arms, not chunky muscles,” she explains.

Real Goals for Real Women
Cathy says all the trainers are working on their own fitness goals so it’s a journey they share together and they want to help clients find, ‘the joy in movement’.

With this in mind, she left her role as a TV news producer and qualified as a personal trainer and yoga teacher. She says she’s never looked back. “Being a BUF Girl means we work hard while still having fun and supporting our girlfriends at the same time.

“There are a lot of intimidating fitness offerings around, so we’re really passionate about creating a supportive, welcoming and motivating environment, where women can feel accepted and connected to each other and have fun while achieving their fitness goals.”

BUF originally stood for “Bottoms Up Fitness”
and clients started calling themselves the “BUF Girls”, as a play on the word ‘buff’ – opting for strong, toned muscles, but with one less ‘F’ than the boys.

Their signature workouts are also designed around their namesake, with one catering
for your (B)ottom half, one for your (U)pper body and one to help you score (F)lat abs, plus a little cardio hit to wrap the session up. The training sessions take place at the Pittwater Road end of Manly Lagoon.

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