Buying or Investing with Michael Clarke & Cherie Humel

Clarke & Humel believe planning and research are key to making a confident property purchase. 

Michael Clarke and Cherie Humel offer some expert advice on the buying process.

The Three Golden Rules For:

1. Do your research on the property market, so you come into the negotiation fully educated.
2. Make sure you have all your finance approved so you can make a bid or make an offer with supreme confidence.
3. Make sure the solicitor has thoroughly gone through the contract – to protect your interests.

1. Once again do your research, so you know the area and what to look for.
2. Have an investment strategy – make sure your property fits in with your investment strategy, not the other way around. For example, decide what’s more important to you - cash flow or capital appreciation. You will tend to find both are not necessarily mutually exclusive, however high yielding properties tend to get lower capital appreciation and vice versa.
3. When you negotiate, play with a straight bat and make sure you keep conscious of the fact that the property makes sense if the numbers make sense.

Best time to buy

The right property for your life/lifestyle can pop up at any stage during the year. So, as a general rule, if you find a good property that matches your needs and lifestyle and is within your budget, irrespective of the season, always go your hardest to secure it because another one that matches your needs may take some time to resurface.

Buying in the current market

Provided you’re looking to buy and hold for the medium to long term, now is a great time to buy as any short term fluctuations will come and go. Property has shown to be one of the best performing asset classes over the long term. If you’re buying for your family’s needs and you find a ‘goodie’, jump on it; if you’re investing it’s all about the numbers and whether this property matches your investment strategy - make an educated choice.


Every buyer or investor will have a different checklist for things that are important or essential. It’s just important to HAVE a checklist that has been thoroughly thought through and in line with clear goals.

Good Investment Areas on the Peninsula

Suburbs like Freshwater and Manly are continuing to outperform from an investment and capital appreciation perspective. Balgowlah Heights, Seaforth and Clontarf are only just starting to see the benefits of major capital appreciation realised since the market started moving.

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