Waterview Surveying Services

The surveyor is often overlooked when considering the required consultants, steps involved and budgeting for new works.

COVERED. looks at this vital role in the development process.

The surveyor is essential to the design, construction and certification stages. Following an initial consultation with a design consultant, the surveyor will generally be the first profession on site. He or she will be involved from start to finish, from design through to certification.

The initial survey required by your designer is a detail and level survey (topographic survey). This survey shows the position and levels of all existing built structures on the land along with the terrain and any significant trees. It will also show neighbouring dwellings including windows and outdoor areas such as pools or entertaining areas. This survey is used by the designer to design proposed additions that work well with the topography and orientation of the site, minimise impact on adjoining properties and ensure the design complies with council regulations.

Once approval has been granted and a builder engaged, one of the fi rst things the builder will request is a surveyor attend site to mark out the proposed works. This is an essential step to ensure all works are constructed in the correct position and to the correct levels (height). Depending on the size and difficulty of the build the surveyor may need to make several site visits to set out new works. Having a surveyor set out the works avoids any nasty, costly mistakes and associated delays.

Once the building is complete, a surveyor will be required to attend site and locate all of the new works to prepare a building compliance survey. This survey is required by council or private certifier to ensure all works have been undertaken in compliance with the approved drawings. A surveyor may also be required to undertake a works as executed survey of the on site stormwater system. Again this is required to ensure that all drainage works and stormwater detention systems have been constructed as approved. 

Waterview Surveying Services
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