Delivering a Good Deed

A delivery service on the Northern Beaches is doing its best to help provide food for those in need by matching food delivery orders with a donated meal.

The We Deliver service began in the Northern Beaches area in Sydney, NSW in mid-2013, operating from a warehouse in Brookvale and offering delivery of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

The service is on-demand with clients able to order from the website, mobile app or via SMS, and get their products within 30 minutes, alternatively they can placed a scheduled order. The delivery range includes beer, wine, spirits and mixers, snacks, chocolate and cigarettes.

This has now expanded to include food and is set to grow even further with the soon-to-launch We Deliver: Anything new business model - Get Anything Delivered (mid 2016).

The new online food ordering system for food outlets is The company started piloting the model with a pizza shop (Solly’s Wood-fire Pizza) in Brookvale, and will soon be adding more food outlets.

"The best of all is that FOODFAST was designed to be a social enterprise, which means it has a double bottom end, we make money while making good for every order successfully processed via we donate a meal to someone in need. (via FOOD BANK Australia)

This is the simplest yet a powerful way to say thank you for using our services.