Be Prepared

The end of the financial year is nearly upon us. Tax agent Ian Maloney offers first-rate advice on what to start considering now.

Work related expenses can be many and varied but here are some to get you thinking.

  • Mobile phone accounts, look at a monthly bill or two and work out the work relate outbound calls as a percentage of the total.
  • Laptops and iPads, again you need to supply the work related percentage.
  • Tools of trade, Union fees, Professional Associations are self-explanatory.
  • Uniforms (with logo) and protective clothing. For supplied clothing, you can claim laundry expenses.
  • Home, light and power. If you work from home keep a track of the number of hours spent on this activity.
  • Self-education courses relevant to your current employment. You cannot claim the cost of courses for a future career.
  • Income protection Insurance policy fees are claimable because any claims made against the policy form part of your taxable income.
  • Travel - Could be as simple as the cost of travelling from one job to the next. You could be required to provide a vehicle for your job whether as a real estate salesperson or tradesperson.
  • Cost of managing your tax affairs are claimable but you can also claim the cost of travelling to and from your accountant. 

Some of these expenses can be pre-paid so you ‘accelerate ‘ your claim for 2016.

Some general do’s and don’ts are as follows;

  • DO start gathering documentation now.
  • DO include all income from all jobs. A separate Pay As You Go withholding summary should be supplied by each employer.
  • DO include as income all interest, share dividends and managed investment funds.
  • DO include Centrelink benefi ts, except for family part ‘A’ or ‘ B’, as income. Centrelink do not issue statements of benefits so you will need to use your MYGOV account.
  • DO NOT include a claim for expenses if you can’t prove it.
  • DO NOT prepay any expenses beyond 12 months.
  • DO NOT buy something just because it is tax deductible; buy it if you really need it.
  • DO NOT be late lodging your tax return.

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