Bridal Makeup

Brides want a flawless finish for their wedding day and,  of course, to look their best in their forever photographs. 

The idea is to look understatedly beautiful rather than nightclub chic with a natural complexion that is enhanced by makeup without it appearing too obvious.

Less is more and a natural colour palette and soft shading is the way to go. Enhance the eyes and choose a natural lip colour as opposed to vampish red and darker tones.

Words used for bridal finishes include soft, glowing, romantic and radiant with a touch of glamour thrown in for good measure. 

With this in mind brides often opt for:

Enhanced natural tones with a bronze/golden appearance combining gold and beige colours with a hint of shimmer and sparkle.

There is also the elegant selection of earthy browns and taupes to enhance natural complexions. 

Classic/Elegance with neutral colours like soft green, amber and beige shades.

Soft peachy colours evoke the romance of the day with slightly enhanced lips. 

Colours can be spiced up a little for the evening entertainment with a slightly darker lip shade and blush for evening glamour.

A few top tips for a beautiful bridal look

 Eat well and drink lots of water to ensure glowing skin for your wedding day.

 Do a trial session or two to make sure you know what you are getting on the big day.

 Have your makeup of choice bought and stored to avoid last minute out-of-stock issues.

 Ensure eyebrows are plucked, waxed and groomed to perfection to show your makeup off properly.

 Take a touch-up pack to reapply – you may smudge it if you cry in the ceremony! 

words: gillian currie